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Food Intolerance Testing UK




Food Intolerance Testing UK HQ is based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire and has many years industry experience both carrying out testing and consultations.


The founders have a range of food intolerance, therefore understand some of the symptoms that people could be suffering from and the distress it can sometimes cause.


Our Food Intolerance Tests


We offer a variety of food intolerance tests at our base in Sheffield, which are  carried out by one of our qualified food testers, including  blood testing and non-blood testing.


Alternatively you can buy one of the many food intolerance testing kits and carry out the test from the comfort of your home, before sending your sample to one of our clinical labs for testing.  Results are then sent back to you directly within 7 to 10 working days.


View our range of IgG Food Intolerance Blood Tests we offer at Food Intolerance Testing UK



Vitamins & Minerals


We also offer a full range of vitamin and minerals, having a vitamin deficiency is more and more common nowadays, in conjunction with being on the right diet and eating the correct foods which are suitable for you, keeping your vitamin and minerals high will enable your body to reach its maximum potential. Signs of deficiency of vitamin and minerals can include, tiredness, lack of concentration, joint pain, irritability and much more.


Our range is free from preservatives and are naturally made.


View our vitamin and mineral range here.



Superfoods & Supplements


Food Intolerance Testing UK will also give you the opportunity to view and purchase the latest and best range of nutritional supplements and superfoods in the market today. Superfoods are becoming more popular today due to the health benefits involved, whether the foods are rich in vitamins, minerals, probiotics and much more.


We also have a range of nutritional supplements which are healthy and free from for the body, organic and are naturally made free from preservatives and artificial colourings.


Please view our superfoods and supplements range.



Health Check Tests


In addition to our range of food intolerance tests, we offer a range of health check tests at food intolerance testing UK. These tests will give you important information if you feel that you are showing signs or symptoms of deficiency or illness.


Our tests range from checking for vitamin d or B12 deficiency to having a gut check test if you are having stomach or bowel issues. Why wait for an appointment at the doctors or hospital when you can get the information quicker and put your mind at rest by having one of our health check tests.


View our range of health check tests today.




We offer DNA Fit tests, a new revolution in nutrigenetics.  Providing individualised nutrition, fitness and wellness plans.  A simple saliva swab could be the answer to many of your health questions.


Lose weight in the ideal way for you. Reduce trial and error on types of nutrition and exercise plans and get the best out of your health and lifestyle.


Find Out More About DNA Fit.


Nutrition Consultations


Nutrition consultations are also available, face to face, via skype and also email.  Need help understanding what to eat and when, diet and wellness plans and much more.


Book a consultation now.



Gluten Testing Kits


We also have a range of gluten testing kits available, more of us have an intolerance to gluten which is a protein found in grains, including wheat and barley, gluten is found in a range of foods including pasta, bread, cereal, gravy and many more. Gluten can cause you health problems if you have an intolerance to it, some serious.


Our gluten testing kits will enable you to check for gluten in any food product that you but or test it on any foods or meals which you have when you are dining at family and friends.


View our gluten testing kit range



Feel free to contact us if you wish to have more information regarding the services that we offer or alternatively if you have any queries regarding Food Intolerance Tests, DNA Fit or Nutrition Consultations.


Many Thanks


The Founders