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Information section for Food Intolerance Testing

We have put together  information section to let you the customer know, what we have to offer on the website. About the products we sell as well as general information regarding food intolerance.

More and more of us are becoming more aware of  how having a food intolerance can affect us on a daily basis, for example this could mean that we are feeling generally unwell, have bloating, or IBS , feeling tired and generally becoming more irritable as a person, all this can be attributed to having a food intolerance.

Unfortunately our work life can be affected by having a food intolerance, as we do not reach our full potential when we are not 100%, meaning we get extra stress when we do not hit targets or our work becomes sluggish.

Therefore the information we aim to give you on  will hopefully give you answers to some of the questions you may have, regarding why you are suffering from various symptoms ?(click here to visit our symptoms page) by letting you know the foods which are not agreeing with you but also, by letting you know the foods you can eat.

This can be done by using the various different products which are able to be purchased through ( click here to visit our online shop ).

It is not only food intolerance tests that we sell, we also have a variety of health check tests via our online platform. This includes testing on your vitamin levels to check to see if you have a deficiency, we can also test for anaemia as well, just to make sure they are not any underlying health issues.

(click here for more information on the health tests we offer)

If you are wanting to improve your fitness, or you feel as someone who wants to gain that extra edge, we have a test again will aim to get you to reach your maximum goals. The DNA Fit test allows to unlock your genetic potential for easier weight loss and better fitness .

Let your DNA Fit work for you. Forget the trial and error of working out what the best diet is for you or how to optimise your exercise to get the best out of your workouts.  Unlock the secret to your body’s potential and manage weight, general health, fitness and much more. (Please click here to find more info on DNA Fit).

We are also offering you the opportunity to  purchase vitamins and minerals through our site, again symptoms such as tiredness, joint pain, depression, skin and nail problems can be attributed to deficiencies in vitamin and minerals.

Our vitamin and minerals range are free from, this means that they are free from wheat, dairy suitable for vegans and vegetarians as well as being free from artificial colourings and preservatives. Again at we aim to give you quality products at affordable prices.

(Please click her to view our natural vitamins and minerals range.)