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What is Food Intolerance?

Food intolerance is when the body reacts to eating a certain food or foods, that do not agree with you causing you to react in a negative way. The foods that do not agree with you are classed as an offending food.

Click here to find out what Allergy UK says about food intolerance.

More and more of us do believe that we suffer from having a food intolerance, and this affects our lives on a daily basis meaning that we cant and do not reach our potential each day.

By purchasing one of our food intolerance testing kits, we aim to give you the information that you require, to help you reach your full potential each day stress free, from worrying about the foods you are eating and how they will affect you on a daily basis.

Food intolerance can be caused by just not by one food, but a number of different foods, we are all individuals and our body can react a different way to someone else who can have the same intolerance.

The most common food intolerance are wheat, dairy, citrus fruit, coffee and yeast, but that does not mean to say, we cannot have an intolerance to other food groups also , including alcohol, meat, fish, seasoning and many more food groups are known to cause adverse reaction in our bodies.

That is why the  tests we offer on our site cater for all of us depending on the type of test you wish and require. Our range of tests can test from as little as  40 foods up to 200 foods meaning that our tests are extremely comprehensive.

Your results are sent to accredited laboratories ,meaning that they are accurate as they can be ,which means that you receive the specific information that you require to help you live your life, moving forward free from worrying about the foods you eat.

Enjoy the site and feel free to contact us if you require further information.

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